Who Is Joy Johns?

I am a native of Alabama. My parents were both born and raised in Alexander City, Briefly, I lived in Talladega until I was 10 or so. Then, I moved to that beautiful city on a hill. That town that had a Roses, Wal-Mart, Food Fair, and a Winn-Dixie. The town that had three sets of tennis courts!! Alexander City was the rich town. I went to Benjamin Russell where I graduated in the top of my class. I was into every club they’d let me be a part of, played varsity tennis, was a “Mat Cat” for the wrestling team, a member of the National Honors Society, Environmental Club, etc. I also held a part time job at the radio station that is now Kowaliga Country. Back when I worked there, doing early morning shifts, live broadcasts, Friday night football score board show, to finishing up Ronnie Bett’s Gospel Jubilee so he could go on to church, my goal was to represent myself and my town well. For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to help people. Well, some of us are meant for ambulances and police cars and then there’s me.
At 7 or 8 years old, I figured the best way I could help the most poeple was to be the “boss of the things that hurt people”. So, I should be the one to make the rules (laws as it was later clarified to me). Well, that dinnertime conversation didn’t last very long. So, we settled on my being a lawyer (which would eventually, in my mind, make me a policitican one day anyway, dugh).
So, at Troy State University, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Communication (verbal and non-verbal). I also thought double minors in Criminal Justice and Business would look nice on that resume for Law School. Until, God decided, it wasn’t time for me to see this thing through yet.
I’ve spent the past 15 years in in the insurance industry, either helping my co-workers learn new things, or helping my clients through a traumatic event or a wonderful event like buying a house. Having been a working, single mother, I know what late nights are. And it seems the work day the next day is ALWAYS the longest ever. I know what it’s like to pray your paycheck direct deposit goes in on time. I have been at the bottom. I know how hard it is to climb out. But I also know it is possible. I know that by making a simple decision each day can do to a person’s life. By simply choosing to do better, you will. I am proof of that.
Some of my hobbies include hunting (that picture was my little girl’s first hunting trip), fishing, and yes, I love to go “junking” as it’s called. I’m a member of Hillabee Baptist Church but I also frequent St. John the Apostle Catholic Church with my husband. I’m a member of the Tallapoosa County GOP, Coosa County GOP, Tallapoosa County Farmer’s Federation, Alexander City Chamber of Commerce, Dadeville Chamber of Commerce, and the Alabama Independent Insurance Agents.
I’m not running for State Representative because I think it will be fun or easy. I’m not running to become a household name or make a bunch of money (they don’t by the way, I checked). I want to listen to you and take YOUR voice to Montgomery. I want to show the State of Alabama that District 81 has a fresh face and a firmer resolve while still holding true to our Conservative Values. We are doing better and we’re not done yet. Choose to do better. Choose Joy.